What is MotoHaven?

MotoHaven is more than just the best place to rent Harley-Davidson™ bikes.

It is a couple of long-time riders who offer a better alternative to the corporate mentality when it comes to renting a bike and having a good time.

It is a business run by riders who know what riders want. We have well maintained bikes (one of the owners has been a Harley-Davidson™ dealership mechanic for 6 years!) and we keep a nice stable with enough options to satisfy every rider. (See our offerings...)

We do it best, and we do it for less! MotoHaven is the most affordable rental shop in the Bay Area. No Harley™ dealership will match our prices, but if you find a better price on a bike rental, we will match it!*

We work with you as a fellow rider. We offer free pick-up service from the local ferry from San Francisco as well as bike package drop-off deals where we pick you up at the airport with your bikes so you can get riding immediately. We have long term rental packages (why rent a car when you can ride a Harley)… give us a call so we can put your package deal together today!

*Prices matched on any current legitimate advertisement or listed on any current legitimate website. No exceptions, no limitations.

Click here if you're not sure what legitimate means...

Check us out...

DOT approved Helmet (we have ½ helmets, ¾ helmets, and full face helmets).
Leather Gloves
Genuine Harley Davidson Leather Jacket

Most rental companies charge extra for Jackets and Gloves, but we feel it’s a necessity and should be included with your rental.

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer overnight parking at no extra charge. Just let us know that you will have a vehicle when you make your reservation.

Rental is considered a 24 hour period. Past 24 hours we offer half day rates as well. So if you want to rent from 8 AM and bring it back at 2 PM the next day, you are only charged for 1.5 days (insurance is 2 days) for a rental! How cool is that? And, it includes unlimited mileage.

Go to our Rates page for details on pricing your preferred ride.


If you have a friend who doesn't have a motorcycle drivers license, but wants to go with you, check it out! We'll have one of our riders take them along on any of our bikes.

Check out MotoTow, our new motorcycle towing service!




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